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Pew Research conducted a poll to find whether American adults support regulation or believe the private market will move the American economy towards renewable energy.




A data frame with 705 observations on the following variable.


There were three possible outcomes for each person: "Regulations necessary", "Private marketplace will ensure", and "Don't know".


The exact statements being selected were: (1) Government regulations are necessary to encourage businesses and consumers to rely more on renewable energy sources. (2) The private marketplace will ensure that businesses and consumers rely more on renewable energy sources, even without government regulations.

The actual sample size was 1012. However, the original data were not from a simple random sample; after accounting for the design, the equivalent sample size was about 705, which was what was used for the data set here to keep things simpler for intro stat analyses.


#> env_regulation
#>                      Don't know Private marketplace will ensure 
#>                              56                             268 
#>           Regulations necessary 
#>                             381